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I created these workshops to introduce intention setting and relaxation techniques. Using essential oils and other tools to practice The Art of Relaxation. There will always be some gentle movement, to settle the body and nervous system before a restorative practice and a yoga nidra guided meditation to finish.


After booking, you will be sent a self-care tool kit which includes different items each time to enhance your experience, always including a wee night time tea.


If you have been dealing with any stress, having trouble switching off, or unsettled sleep, then this might be the relaxation experience you need to offer your whole body and mind, for a rejuvenating sleep. These workshops are suitable for everyone - absolutely no yoga experience necessary. If you attended the June workshop you will be most welcome to come along again; the July instalment of Relaxation will explore new elements of restorative yoga and relaxation techniques.


Keep checking back for the date of the next instalment.

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